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Location : Toulouse, France

Melody~ Empty
PostSubject: Melody~   Melody~ EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 9:32 pm

Duh as an admin I have to show the example 8D

Konnichi- HA!

NAME - Melody
AGE - 19
LOCATION - Toulouse (southwestern France)

FUDANJUKU FAVORITE ? Koji ;A; and Momo ;A; and everyone jhqdschdsg
NFS FAVORITE ? ...probably Yokkyun and Kyanchi ;_; and Konan. AND EVERYONE TOO jkdhdjhcf
FAVORITE SONG ? Muteki! Natsuyasumi 4eva

OTHERS IDOL GROUPS : AKB48 (OBVIOUSLY lol), SDN48 and... that's all 8D
OTHER MUSIC : Otsuka Ai, Regina Spektor, The White Stripes, Jil is Lucky
THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT YOU : I'm a webdesign/graphic arts student 8D and. Uh. Well, my main goal in life is to learn foreign languages lol I lived during 2 month in SoCal and... that's all I guess 8D yoroshiku <3

Melody~ 691347koji2
赤園虎次郎 & 武器屋桃太郎 ~ 風男塾 & AKB48 fangirl
find me fangirling over fudanjuku, NFS and AKB on my tumblr here~
or follow me on my messy creeper twitter here!
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Melody~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Melody~   Melody~ EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 2:59 am

Your name is so pretty, I've always liked the name Melody. Plus you're from France! I've always wanted to learn French lol ;___;

/follows you on twitter
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Melody~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Melody~   Melody~ EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 6:56 pm

Bienvenue même si c'est en retard! ^^ au moins je suis pas la seule française!
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Melody~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Melody~   Melody~ Empty

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