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 Forum rules • (PLEASE READ THIS)

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Forum rules • (PLEASE READ THIS) Empty
PostSubject: Forum rules • (PLEASE READ THIS)   Forum rules • (PLEASE READ THIS) EmptyMon Sep 12, 2011 2:55 am


We don't have harsh rules here according to the few informations or goodies to get about both groups, since they are pretty small and not very well-known as idols.
But please, read this carefully even so!

#0 - You have to be older than 13 to register, according to Internet forums' general legislation. We know some fans may be younger but we have to limit it as the official Internet law to protect young people.

#1 - Please be polite. We need to respect each other and it starts here. No insults, no offensive jokes, no threats, even as humor - some people doesn't have the same humor sense as you and may not understand.

#2 - Thank you for respecting each other's opinions and tastes! We need everything to make a world so please understand some people don't necessarily agree with your own point of view.

#3 - No spamming outside of the Cyalume Lounge please! One useless post is fine, but when it comes to dozens of them, it's called spamming. Please stay on topic as much as you can on the debate/news threads.

#4 - The forum language is English - we are a world wide community and English is the easiest language to use for this, so please use it! You can talk with fan fellows in other languages via PM but not on the public parts please.

#5 - If you break one of the rules above, you'll get a warning. But if we see you keep going against the few rules we have to make this forum a peaceful community, we'll have to ban you. Please understand that freely trolling a community is disrespectful. If you need help to understand something, please send a PM to one of the administrators, mods or even members.

#6 - No particular rule for avatars and signatures, but please, maximum avatar size is 150x200 pixels and your signature height doesn't have to exceed 200 pixels. As long as it's hosted on an external image hosting server, any file size is fine.

#7 - No particular rule either for the goodies center. But please, do not redistribute our download links ; link the forum instead.

Aside from this, you'll free to come and be active here! Enjoy your stay!
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Forum rules • (PLEASE READ THIS)

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